In order to track your progress towards Contact Certification, register your details here on the Contact Training Portal. Overall crew rank on each training session will determine which missions your crew will face in order to both enhance your training and ensure proper evaluation of each candidate's ability in diverse command structures and environments.

为了跟踪您取得 Contact 认证的进度,请在 Contact 培训门户网站上注册您的详细信息。每次培训课程中的总体机组人员等级将确定您的机组人员将要执行的任务,以增强您的培训水平并确保正确评估每个候选人在不同指挥结构和环境中的能力。

Date of birth:
Password (twice):

Application does not guarantee acceptance. Further testing, background checks, DNA sequencing and/or recoding, psychological profiling and Sensitivity testing may be required. Should any of these evaluations indicate a suitability for a specialist operations group, you may be reassigned.

申请不能保证被接受。可能需要进行进一步测试,背景检查,DNA 测序和/或编码,心理分析和敏感性测试。如果这些评估中的任何一项表明适合专业运营团队,则您可能会被重新分配。

Synthetics applying for the Contact Starship Training Programme will be required to undergo mandatory alteration to their Asimov Daemon on successful completion of the simulated stage of the programme.

在成功完成模拟课程后,申请 Contact 星际飞船训练计划的合成人必须对其 Asimov 守护程序进行强制性更改。