The Premise

ORE-SOME! is a frantic day in a Wild West mine.

Guide your cart around a randomly generated mine filled with copper, silver and gold. Fill your carts with ore and try and keep it there long enough to hand in your contracts.


ORE-SOME! is played over 6 rounds of 2 phases each. The miner who makes the most money at the end of the day is declared the winner!

In the Move Phase, players move, ram and block each other for the best spots to dig. Rammed carts drop precious ore that can be swiped if you're quick and cunning!

In the Dig Phase, players take turns digging for, stealing or swiping dropped ore. Once they have the ore, they can sell it to the bank or rush to the Contract Agents to fill valuable contracts!

Find out more

Several game reviewers have completed detailed previews of ORE-SOME! Here's one of our favourites by One Board Family:


You can also read the pdf version of our rulebook or the german translation using the links below:


With the kickstarter successfully complete, the first printing of ORE-SOME! is currently available for purchase in retail! 

There are many local game stores who carry ORE-SOME, but if you want to buy on-line here's a link to our amazon.co.uk page: